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Nature, art, history, civilization, religion: the paths and the possible routes for visitors in this part of Calabria, are so varied and numerous that there is spoiled for choice...

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Aspromonte: the Southern most part of the Appenines

Aspromonte: the Southern most part of the Appenines

From sea-level the terrain progressively rises to an altitude of 2000 meters. Aspromonte is today a protected area and home to a number of extremely rare species such as the Monelli eagle and the tropical fern.

The excellent geographical position puts it at the center of a vast territory that keeps natural relief of incomparable beauty and charm, and retains traces of the history and traditions.

The most famous sites of the Aspromonte are Montalto, Gambarie, the Polsi Sanctuary, the Zervò Sanctuary, the village of Zomaro, Pietra Cappa...
For mountain lovers Gambarie is the point of departure and arrival of many walks.

Gerace: the enchanting medieval town of Calabria's Ionic coast

Gerace: the enchanting medieval town of Calabria's Ionic coast

Gerace dominates the Valley of Locride. It is believed that Gerace (from the Greek ierax, sparrow hawk) was founded by the Saracens. An important Byzantine citadel, Gerace was later to become stronghold of the Normans. Numerous churches, monuments, and palazzi testify to the different dominations.

Among the many interesting places to visit in Gerace, there is the Cathedral of 1045, the 13th century Church of San Francesco, and the remains of an ancient Norman castle. In the Borgo Vecchio, or old town, one can still see the ancient dwellings dug out of the tufa, some of which originating from caves inhabited since Neolithic times.

From Belvedere delle Bombarde, the walkway along the old perimeter walls of the town, a fabulous view of the countryside which separates Gerace from the sea can be admired, an on towards a stretch of Calabria's Ionic coast characterised by seemingly interminable beaches lapped by crystal clear waters.

Locri: the Jasmine Coast.

Locri: the Jasmine Coast.

The origins of Locri, an ancient Calabrian city which gazes out across the Ionic coast, are linked to the Greek settlement of Locri Epizefri and the nearby town of Gerace. Today Locri is the most important town of the Locride region, also known as the Costa dei Gelsomini, or Jasmine Coast.

Within the archaeological park of Locri Epizefri one finds the remains of the Centocamere the town's ancient commercial district, the Marasà temple, the Necropolis, and the Greek-Roman theatre. The National museum houses a vast number of exhibits, including a collection of ancient coins and vases found in the area.

Locri is above all, a popular seaside resort, its beaches and crystal clear sea attracting thousands of visitors each year.

Stilo: the Cathedral in miniature of Cattolica

Stilo: the Cathedral in miniature of Cattolica

Even this place is situated in front of the sea, country of Tommaso Campanella, famous for the rare example of Byzantine architecture which is the “Cattolica”, the Cathedral in miniature.


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