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Agriclub Le Giare owes its existence to the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication of Pasquale Placido. His mother was a Calabrian baroness, his grandfather, also Pasquale, was a distinguished Neapolitan lawyer. He too graduated in law, before launching himself on a long career as a professional racing-car driver. In the early 1960s he gave up racing and retired to the country where he threw himself heart and soul into realizing his dream of transforming the ancient family property into an efficient modern farm. Step by step, he renewed and extended the olive and citrus groves, established a large vineyard and started raising some of the finest horses and pigs in the area.

In the meantime he began to see that Le Giare was an ideal refuge for anybody looking for some respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. The first holiday houses were converted from barns and hay lofts in 1980. Nine years later, recognizing that Pasquale had shown the way forward, Agriturist Calabria elected him vice-president. Meanwhile Pasquale’s daughters, Vanna and Marinella, were gradually taking over the reins from their father and in 1990 the changeover was completed. Pasquale continues to work alongside his daughters in indefatigable pursuit of his dream: the recent introduction of a modern olive press was his idea. 

Vanna and Marinella

Marinella was born in Roccella Jonica (RC). After high school she went on to do a degree in biology at Turin University. She then taught chemistry and other science subjects in various schools in Aosta (where she lived for almost twenty years) and Rome. In addition to teaching she was also involved in organizing health education courses, school trips and cultural exchanges abroad. She manages and generally oversees the work of the Agriturismo and is in charge of public relations. Her style has earned her the affectionate title of “la direttrice”.

Vanna was born in Novi Ligure (AL). After high school she took a degree in modern literature at Turin University. She then went on to teach Italian and Latin at the “Leonardo Da Vinci” high school in Reggio Calabria, where she remained for thirty years. The environment has always been important to her and over the years she has developed a special interest in the natural and ethnographic history of the area, an interest she loves to share with others. She works alongside her sister, helping her in the day-to-day running of the Agriturismo. She sees to the farm management side of things and will also organize day trips and guided tours for visitors. Her four children are all involved in the family enterprise to a greater or lesser degree (one of her sons created this site).

Family photo

Famiglia Placido

Seated, from left to right: Marinella, Anna, Franca, Pasquale. Standing, from left to right: Cristiano, Anna, Chiara, Paolo, Nanni, Luca, Vanna, Alberto, Valerio, Camilla, Carlo, Franco, Chiara, pregnant with Anna.

Marinella con i nipoti
La nuova generazione

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